Risa Recio, Debris 2014

Hole In The Wall

Pop-up Exhibition

Saturday, April 5, 2014, 2-6pm

Good News Only is pleased to announce its current exhibition curated by high school students entitled Hole In The Wall. Please join us at our pop-up exhibition and reception on Saturday, April 5th from 2-6pm. Teen curators Ashley Busse, Michael Rumas, Mariah Munoz, Claudia Tisdale-Dollah, and Madison Tenney will be available to answer questions. The pop-up exhibition and reception will be held at 6018North, a non-profit arts organization located at 6018 N. Kenmore in Chicago. Describing the exhibition, curator Ashley Busse says: "This exhibition was cool because we got to work in a new, alternative gallery space and meet tons of professional and emerging artists."

Hole In The Wall is a unique exhibition inspired by the physical space of 6018North - a dilapidated 100-year-old private residence in Edgewater. In researching the show, the student curators decided they would transform the first floor of the house, which has been partially stripped of its walls and ceilings, and fill in gaps and empty spaces with art of a similar material. The show highlights artwork that incorporates the use of raw and organic materials related to residential construction. The Good News Only curators were inspired by the remnants of what used to be and what is to come for the gallery at 6018North.

Founded in May 2011, 6018North is an artist-centered, sustainable, nonprofit platform and venue for innovative art and culture. Located in a dilapidated mansion, 6018North encourages artists to collaborate and reconfigure its intimate space. This intimacy allows artists and audiences to connect in transformative ways. At home and away in other non-traditional spaces, 6018North's site-specific exhibitions and events include artists performing, creating installations, and directing communal engagement events.

Thank you to all of the artists who loaned artwork for Hole In The Wall: Rachel Barnes, Tegan Brace, Stevie Hanley, Risa Recio, Rafael E. Vera, Sarah K. Williams. For more information on the artists, click here.

Forgotten Ones

July 26 - August 24, 2012

Good News Only is pleased to announce its current exhibition entitled Forgotten Ones. Please join us at the opening reception on Thursday, July 26th from 6-8pm. Teen curators Karla Almazan, Mikayla Garner, Jackie Mauleon, and Ellie Medel will be available to answer questions. The exhibition runs through August 24, 2012.

Good News Only is incredibly honored to have collaborated with Project Onward this summer. Project Onward is a studio and gallery dedicated to the creative growth of artists with mental and developmental disabilities. Located in the historic Chicago Cultural Center, Project Onward provides workspace, art materials, professional guidance, and opportunities for exhibition and sales to artists who have exceptional talents but face challenges ranging from autism to mental illness. All of the artwork in Forgotten Ones is on loan from Project Onward artists.

The Good News Only summer program was only five weeks long, so we packed a lot into our time together. We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Cultural Center, National Museum of Mexican Art, Art Institute of Chicago and galleries in the West Loop. During our field trips to Project Onward, the GNO curators met many of the artists, heard their personal stories and learned about their artistic process.

Karla: "For me, Forgotten Ones refers to the artist perspective - it is their story about people who have affected their lives and how they don’t want those people/events/things to disappear from the world. It is important to remind themselves of it, they create those works to remind themselves and show other people, 'Hey this is a man or event who changed someone else's life, they don't deserve to be forgotten.'"

Mikayla: "Blake Lenoir's Iranian endangered species series is about animals that we may never have heard about. His work allows you to compare them to the animals you do know and learn something new. Even the nature preserves that are close to us, it makes us appreciate them more. It seems like some of the Project Onward artists experienced loss or death or someone close to them and it influenced their work. That's how we chose the theme."

Jackie: "Forgotten Ones means that it is important that after time has changed and people have been forgotten to remember those people again. Michael Bryant's Mayor Eugene Sawyer is a good example of someone who has been forgotten since he was mayor for such a short time."

Ellie: "I think people tend to follow whatever is modern and they'll move on from the past quickly. To me, Forgotten Ones is like letting people know to remember - they know it but they don't know enough - about the past. Forgotten Ones is stating that 'they existed' 'they were here' but you just don't remember it."

A lot of you care, but not enough...

June 15 - July 20, 2012

Good News Only is pleased to announce its current exhibition curated by high school students entitled 'A lot of you care, but not enough'. Please join us at the opening reception on Friday, June 15th from 6-8pm. Teen curators Samuel Choi, Theo Covey, Kimberly Hernandez and Katherine Rumas will be available to answer questions. The exhibition runs through July 20, 2012.

Halfway through our spring session, Good News Only curators chose tragedy as the theme for their exhibition. In the remaining weeks during artist studio visits and gallery tours, they began selecting artwork for the show highlighting different types of war: political, societal, natural and familial. Describing the exhibition, Kimberly says: "Tragedies are all around us and everyone's personal tragedies make up something larger although we might not notice it. Our exhibition is made up of different tragedies put together to tell the story of the world."

Artists included in the show are Daniel Beltra, Erin Chlaghmo, Deborah Luster, Wolfie Rawk, and Rodrigo Zendejas. Theo describes Beltra's photograph: "The piece about the [BP] oil spill shows the beauty that is sometimes found in tragedy, the bright colors of the chemicals in the water reacting with the oil gives the entire thing an other worldly feel and it is just awesome." "I chose Rodrigo’s work because the idea is something so fragile, such as the human body breaking into parts [from the Mexican drug wars], and it is simply shocking," says Kate. Discussing Erin’s work, Kimberly says: "9/11 affected everyone and changed many people’s points of view. This piece represents human beings paranoia when life altering events occur." Click here to view the works in the show.

Forever Young

March 3, 2012 - May 25, 2012

Good News Only is pleased to announce our inaugural exhibition curated by students from Senn High School, entitled Forever Young. Forever Young will be on view through May 25, 2012. A reception will be held Saturday, March 3rd from 4-8pm. Good News Only teen curators (Bridget Agyeiwah, Muluken Habtamu, Asante Lofton, Jackie Mauleon, Pascal Ndabarushimana, Zoe Steinhardt) will be available to answer questions about the exhibition during the reception.

Good News Only teen curators opted to make an exhibition about something they know a lot about. We brainstormed topics familiar to them including schoolwork, books, movies, fashion. Ultimately music was the biggest influence. Forever Young was inspired by Jay Z's song of the same title. The song invokes hope, ambition, legacy, and never giving up on your dreams. Lyrics such as "May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows," remind us to be positive and optimistic. "Life is for living not living uptight," prompts us to relax, be carefree, playful and without worry - no matter what age we are. Describing the exhibition, teen curator Zoe Steinhardt says: "Forever Young is how kids see things and what can live forever."

We created three criteria for selecting artwork for Forever Young: literal, material, and emotional. Among the selection, viewers will see artworks that literally have children playing, for example Marvin Newman's photograph of a girl and her chalk drawing. There are works that have subjects that conjure childhood memories, such as Mark Cohen's photograph of a kid buying candy. Forever Young also includes works that use materials associated with youth such as Christina Long's installation of dolls and drawings and Regin Igloria's painted wilderness patch. We also incorporated works that are interactive and amusing, such as Amber Ginsburg & Lia Rousset's tap shoes, Aram Han's safety pin mandalas and Nico Gardener's string puppet. Additional works by Tony Fitzpatrick, Mary King, Ivan Martinez, CJ Pyle, and Zoe Strauss are on view.

Here, Not Here

Here, Not Here

October 31, 2011 - February 10, 2012

Our inaugural presentation includes a small exhibition entitled: Here, Not Here. The exhibition title was inspired by the journeys many Edgewater residents have experienced as they emigrated to the United States. The exhibition reminds us of the passage of time, memories and mindfulness. Works by Curtis Mann, Rosalind Solomon, Zoe Strauss, Tri Luu and Nathan Lyons are included in the exhibit.

An interactive piece is displayed on the opposite wall of the gallery with the intention of engaging visitors. The public is invited to think about a range of questions about art and write answers on the wall. The piece will expand and grow as more people are involved.