The mission of Good News Only is to take local youth behind the scenes of the art industry, to unite various socio-economic groups in the community, and to develop public art around Chicago.

Good News Only is a non-profit art gallery in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. Good News Only offers a unique after school program for local teenagers that focuses on the business and curatorial sides of the art industry. Students in this program will not be making their own art, instead they will be encouraged to develop art exhibitions at the gallery and in public spaces in the neighborhood. Students will discuss how exhibitions can be influential on our greater society, whether they are in big museums, tiny galleries or public parks. They will gain real-world skills that they can use in their academics or any professional industry: communication, organization, teamwork, attention to detail, timeliness, deadlines, acceptance of differences, and confidence. Throughout the term, students will be inspired to think critically about the world around them.